Sponsors and Partners

The aim of EPCI is to support European Passive Industry. Companies/Organisations/Entities are welcomed to join the EPCI initiative by their support as described below. In case of interest to support us we appreciate your email to: secretary@passive-components.eu or contact us using the online contact form.

1. European Passive Industry Database of Manufacturers. Testhouses and Universities.

The database currently record more than 130 entities based on a public survey with option to register and thus validate the information presented. Suggestion to entities is to review/submit their profile in the database in order to provide complete validated information. The registration has been originally set up with some annual small fee, nevertheless there is a contract under preparation between ESA European Space Agency and EPCI that would cover building of the database thus the registration is free of charge since October 2016.

The registration is possible by filling an online form in the European Industry Database section

2. Company Flash News Advertisement

The EPCI website is aiming support to design engineers and technical stuff. Based on EPCI survey they do not like to spend much time on website full of advertisement banners, side/header/footer pop up advertisement – it is considered as too much sales pitch orientation rather than providing an independent trustful source of technical information. Thus the only advertisement placed on the EPCI website is the special “Company Flash News” that offers PR style of advertisement to answer two key questions in interview like style:

Q1: What is the technical advantage or innovation/service of the company that everyone should know about ?

Q2: What is the latest or hot product/service that worth everyone’s attention?

This advertisment has been found as the most effective way to get the maximum read ratio – nobody has time anymore to study long text. The Company Flash News advertisement is part of the sponsorship package described in the next section or it can be ordered separately – see the link.

3. EPCI Sponsorship

Special acknowledgements-benefits are rewarded for the EPCI sponsors:

  • Placement of company logo as a sponsor with website link for duration of defined month (upon the sponsorship level)
  • Acknowledgement to the company’s sponsorship in EPCI official presentations (conferences, public presentations … )
  • Press Release Acknowledgement at the www.passive-compents.eu web site*
  • Press Release publishing for the company highlighting its technical advantages and/or newest / hot product*
  • Company Flash News presentation on EPCI site for defined period**

* publication upon agreement and approval of timing and content

** the period will begin at any time after agreement and placement to the EPCI website, the content can be regularly updated upon agreement.

Golden Sponsor: Price 9.000,- Eur

  • Company’s Logo placement and Company Flash News presentation for 12 month period
  • Press Release Acknowledgement at public EPCI presentations, conferences and symposiums as the GOLD SPONSOR
  • free of charge company job offer announcements for 12 month period

Silver Sponsor: Price 5.400,- Eur

  • Company’s Logo placement and Company Flash News presentation for 9 month period
  • Press Release Acknowledgement at public EPCI presentations, conferences and symposiums as the SILVER SPONSOR

Bronze Sponsor: Price 2.000,- Eur

  • Company’s Logo placement and Company Flash News presentation for 3 month period
  • Press Release Acknowledgement at public EPCI presentations, conferences and symposiums as the BRONZE SPONSOR

4. ePassiveBook Sponsorship

EPCI is preparing an electronic on-line based passive components handbook with a free viewing access. The handbook will provide overview of the passive component technologies, applications, benchmarking etc. Example can be already seen on the EPCI website. The aim is to provide independent on-line source of verified technical information on passive components. EPCI has been granted by copyright to use the industry famous P.O.Fagerholt’s CLR Handbook as the base that will be step by step built into an electronic form and kept updated. The ePassiveBook will be accessible on the EPCI website with a sponsorship option to display the sponsors’ logo with link to their website on the ePassiveBook sidebar. The sponsorship options are following the EPCI sponsorship levels and pricing as above in 3).  

5. eSymposium

The long-term target project is to build an electronic form of a passive component symposium where users can pick a package of technical papers on selected topic in a form of custom made electronic or hard print proceedings selected from a technical paper database. For example to have a collection of papers explaining derating on capacitors from multiple vendors. This support will be some fee based service, with option for user companies to get some package price for their employees. The EPCI welcome support from passive component industry / agencies / organisations to provide their rights to use their technical papers for the database that will be step by step prepared.     

6. Newsletter sponsorship

EPCI is collecting worldwide passive component news on daily basis as a service to the industry. The news are published at EPCI web page and available to registered users as a weekly or monthly free newsletters. Currently available newsletters include:


  • All Passives Weekly Newsletter


  • All Passives Monthly Newsletter
  • Capacitors Monthly News
  • Inductors Monthly News
  • Resistors Monthly News
  • Aerospace and Defence Passive Monthly News
  • Automotive Monthly News
  • Industrial Passive Monthly News
  • Medical Passive Monthly News

The target group of newsletter subscribers are both end customers (such as HW engineers) and also passive industry company employees that needs overview of overall situation / product news on the market.

There is wide range of newsletters available from most of the companies and users are fed up with a number of emails they are regularly getting from companies. EPCI present an integrator opportunity role to provide one information source on behalf of whole industry and thus reduce the number of newsletters in your inbox.

Number of the EPCI newsletter subscribers is continuously growing, EPCI is offering companies to highlight their brand by placement of LOGO at the selected newsletter header with a link to their website.

Weekly newsletters:

6 month sponsorship price:  2 340,- EUR

12 month sponsorship price:  4 500,- EUR

Monthly newsletters:

6 month sponsorship price: 990,- EUR

12 month sponsorship price:  1 800,- EUR


Thank you for your interest to join EPCI in its effort to bring the European passive components professionals together