Upgrade Power-Supply Efficiency with Precise Current Measurement

source: Electronic design article The current-sense amplifier, which includes specialized features crafted to handle the most demanding applications, can play a key role in meeting efficiency goals for today’s power designs. Improving the efficiency of a power-supply design can yield many rewards. In a server farm, better efficiency translates into smaller size, reduced cooling costs, […]

Solving Smart Clothing Design Challenges With Printed, Flexible Sensor Technology

source: EDN news Robert Cox -November 15, 2017. From fitness trackers and smart watches to virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) headgear, wearable devices now permeate the everyday lives of consumers worldwide. People have come to rely on wearables to monitor their health and well-being, keep them connected to the outside world, and provide endless opportunities […]

The dielectric constant and its effects on the properties of a capacitor

source: Capacitor Faks blog A typical capacitor comprises two conductive plates and a non-conductive dielectric material. The dielectric material separates the two conductive metal electrode plates. Applying voltage to the electrode plates of a capacitor causes an electric field in the non-conductive dielectric material. This electric field stores energy. The dielectric constant, also commonly known […]

COTS in space: the 100 percent testing risk

source: Intelligent Aerospace article November 13, 2017  By Dan Friedlander, Retired following 44 years in component engineering The current European Space Agency (ESA) and National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) approach to the use of Electrical, Electronic, and Electromechanical (EEE) commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) components in space applications continues to rely on heavy testing requirements. The official methodology […]

New Vishay High Power Thin Film Chip Resistors Replace Larger Devices or Multiple Same-Size Resistors to Lower Costs and Save Space

source: Vishay news MALVERN, Pa. — November 13, 2017 — Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. (NYSE: VSH) today introduced a new series of Automotive Grade thin film chip resistors that features the industry’s highest rated power dissipation in the compact 0402, 0603, and 0805 case sizes. For electronics in automotive, industrial, and renewable energy applications, Vishay Beyschlag […]

Lobachevsky University Scientists Create A Prototype Neural Network Based On Memristors

source: ECN news Mon, 11/13/2017 – by Lobachevsky University. Lobachevsky University scientists under the supervision of Alexey Mikhailov, Head of the UNN PTRI Laboratory of Thin Film Physics and Technology, are working to develop an adaptive neural interface that combines, on the one hand, a living culture, and on the other, a neural network based […]