Solving Smart Clothing Design Challenges With Printed, Flexible Sensor Technology

source: EDN news Robert Cox -November 15, 2017. From fitness trackers and smart watches to virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) headgear, wearable devices now permeate the everyday lives of consumers worldwide. People have come to rely on wearables to monitor their health and well-being, keep them connected to the outside world, and provide endless opportunities […]

Carbon Nanotubes Ammonia Sensor Printed by Aerosol Jet System

source: RICE, FEE, University of West Bohemia in Pilsen, EPCI e-Symposium Abstract: This article deals with ammonia gas sensor based on carbon nanotubes. Active layer is deposited on a flexible substrate by new deposition technique called Aerosol Jet. The deposition technique remove deficiency of today’s common used deposition technique, where it is very difficult to […]

On a Chip Energy Storage Capacitors

source: FEEC BUT and EPCI, Czech Republic, 18th July 2017 Energy Storing is one of the current hot topics within the electronic industry for a wide range of today’s and future applications. Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication with Central European Institute of Technology (CEITEC) in Brno University of Technology (BUT), Czech Republic and Institute […]

Embroidered Smart Textiles Electronic Components in Life Saving Applications.

source: UWB and EPCI, Czech Republic, 4th July 2017 Wearable electronics and smart textiles is currently rapidly developing area. Integration of electronic components and systems directly on/into textile substrates leads to the development of promising new technologies among which it is possible to include printing of passive electronic components and/or its embroidering directly onto the […]

Mapping Dielectric Properties for Body-Based Networks

source: Microwave & RF news Medical electronic devices are expanding the capabilities for remote monitoring of a patient’s health and vital signs. As the number of these devices are worn by and/or embedded into a patient, nanonetworks are formed in which inter-device communications—as well as communication to a remote location, such as a hospital or […]