A new Smart fabric Patent from Apple Surfaced this week in Europe for Smart Clothing and much more

source: Pattently Apple news Patently Apple posted a report titled “IDC’s Wearable Device Forecast sees Apple Dominating the All-Important Watch Category through to 2021.” In addition to the IDC report emphasizing that the Apple Watch would remain the leader in the Smart Watch segment of the market until 2021, they pointed to smart clothing as […]

Solving Smart Clothing Design Challenges With Printed, Flexible Sensor Technology

source: EDN news Robert Cox -November 15, 2017. From fitness trackers and smart watches to virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) headgear, wearable devices now permeate the everyday lives of consumers worldwide. People have come to rely on wearables to monitor their health and well-being, keep them connected to the outside world, and provide endless opportunities […]

Carbon Nanotubes Ammonia Sensor Printed by Aerosol Jet System

source: RICE, FEE, University of West Bohemia in Pilsen, EPCI e-Symposium Abstract: This article deals with ammonia gas sensor based on carbon nanotubes. Active layer is deposited on a flexible substrate by new deposition technique called Aerosol Jet. The deposition technique remove deficiency of today’s common used deposition technique, where it is very difficult to […]

On a Chip Energy Storage Capacitors

source: FEEC BUT and EPCI, Czech Republic, 18th July 2017 Energy Storing is one of the current hot topics within the electronic industry for a wide range of today’s and future applications. Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication with Central European Institute of Technology (CEITEC) in Brno University of Technology (BUT), Czech Republic and Institute […]

Embroidered Smart Textiles Electronic Components in Life Saving Applications.

source: UWB and EPCI, Czech Republic, 4th July 2017 Wearable electronics and smart textiles is currently rapidly developing area. Integration of electronic components and systems directly on/into textile substrates leads to the development of promising new technologies among which it is possible to include printing of passive electronic components and/or its embroidering directly onto the […]