Think Creatively About Passive Component Sourcing

source: EBN news Mary E. Shacklett, Transworld Data 1/4/2018 In August 2017, Wally Johnson, vice president of finance at Firstronic, a contract manufacturer that produces electronic modules for automakers and tier one suppliers, wrote about the storm brewing in the automotive electronics supply chain. 

Tanzania: Tz to Have $40m Coltan Plant

source: All Africa news The project will start in the near future after officials of Ministry of Minerals endorse it. The ministry officials as well as AB Minerals and Destiny Minerals and Agriculture Consultant (DMAC) representatives met here recently to discuss the project.

Allocation 2017: What’s Behind the Component Shortage

source: EPS news Component shortages are not just about increased demand. Any number of factors – production capacity, supply chain disruptions, obsolescence and technology migration – can contribute to product scarcity. For 2017 and 2018, supplier merger and acquisition (M&A) activity can be added to the causation list.

Critical Elements’ Countdown to Construction

source: Investor intel news 2017 hosted two major lithium milestones: the spot price rose to its highest ever levels, and the rate of growth was greater than in any other year; the race really is on to bring product to market in time for peak pricing. There are, of course, a number of lithium projects […]

IoT Boom Leads to Widespread Passive & Semi Component Shortages

source: EBN online news Due to the boom of the ever-growing Internet of Things (IoT), a heavy usage of consumer electronics, and the move towards more complex safety and infotainment systems in automobiles, demand for resistors is on the rise. Automotive, mobile device, and factory automation applications are all fueling demands. Because of this, manufacturers […]