Critical Elements’ Countdown to Construction

source: Investor intel news 2017 hosted two major lithium milestones: the spot price rose to its highest ever levels, and the rate of growth was greater than in any other year; the race really is on to bring product to market in time for peak pricing. There are, of course, a number of lithium projects […]

IoT Boom Leads to Widespread Passive & Semi Component Shortages

source: EBN online news Due to the boom of the ever-growing Internet of Things (IoT), a heavy usage of consumer electronics, and the move towards more complex safety and infotainment systems in automobiles, demand for resistors is on the rise. Automotive, mobile device, and factory automation applications are all fueling demands. Because of this, manufacturers […]

Component Shortages to Last ‘Longer Than Expected’

source: EPS news There’s no short-term relief ahead for electronics manufacturers that are scrambling for components. Tight supplies of capacitors and resistors are expected to last into mid-2018—longer than industry experts expected. The dreaded words “allocation” and “double-ordering” are coming up more frequently, meaning OEMs and EMS providers are facing long-term sourcing challenges.

Capacitor maker zapped with price-fixing charge

updated Oct 23 Source: Nasdaq news, The register news Nippon Chemi-Con indicted over price-fixing -U.S. Justice Dept WASHINGTON, Oct 18 (Reuters) – A federal grand jury indicted Japan’sNippon Chemi-Con Corp for its role in a wide-ranging and long-running conspiracy to fix prices for electrolytic capacitors sold to customers in the United States and elsewhere, the […]

Can Millennials Cope With a Component Shortage?

source: TTI Market Eye article As Baby Boomers make way for Millennials in the high-tech workforce, a new generation gap is yawning. The population reared in the digital age is engaging with colleagues whose golden rule is face-to-face communication. The current electronics market will test the skills of both generations.

Thick Film Chip Resistors: A Mass Market in Turmoil

source: D.Zogbi for TTI Market Eye article A current detailed analysis of the thick film chip resistor supply chain from raw material ores, engineered materials, substrates and pastes, unit production, distribution and consumption in each key product market reveals a market in turmoil entering the fourth quarter of CY 2017.