EPCI e-Symposium aims to offer selected passive components technical papers published at conferences and symposiums. EPCI is reviewing its content and its focus on description of technical issues, new approaches, problem solving techniques etc. rather than sales pitch. The target is that e-Symposium become a valueable source of information and inspiration to passive components users such as end electronic hardware designers, component and application engineers, quality personnel, strategic buyer, university lecturers, students etc.

The e-Symposium was launched in October 2017 with step by step addition of technical papers from the 1st PCNS Passive Components Networking Days.

important note: copyright statement: the e-Symposium’s technical papers are published under agreement with its authors for publishing at the EPCI e-Symposium website. The papers and its content presented herein can be used only for not-for-sale usage and under a proper reference to its source.