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e-Symposium is an electronic form of a Passive Components Technology Symposium with a collection of technical articles about passive components that can be searched for a dedicated topic or items of interest. All documents are reviewed by EPCI before publication and the documents with sales pitch or at a low quality level are rejected. This is not the place for sales type press releases but for a technical papers/presentations with more details on technical benefits / processes/ issues / innovations / new approaches / materials or applications.

Some small fee may be required to download the material that will cover the edit and review cost. Company annual registration for an unlimited access to their employees will be provided.

e-Symposium Technical Article Database:

The technical articles for the e-Symposium database are currently under preparation. Companies / Institutions that provided rights to use their technical documents includes:


Why e-Symposium ?

  • Is your boss reluctant to allow you to attend an expensive technical conference about passive components?
  • Are passive components only a part of your interest and it is not efficient to attend a full day conference ?
  • Is a cost saving and travel cost too high to be accepted to join a technical seminar ?
  • Do you have a conflict dates to visit a conference ?
  • Do you have a feeling of wasted time at a conference hearing papers that are not related to you ?
  • Do you prefer focus on a technical paper in a comfortable time with a service* that you like ?

*ask yourselves or your spouse for your favorite snack and your cup of tea. 

if your answer is YES to the majority of the above questions – you may be the right candidate to prefer create your own e-Symposium in your home or office environment.

Make your own e-Symposium with a content and structure that you like: My-eSymposium®**

Within the intended function “My-eSymposium®” you will have a chance to set-up your own one day (10 papers),two days (20 papers) or three days (30 papers) symposium. You can choose sessions per component type, paper focus topic or even highlight some “invited papers”. You can then order the Proceeding from your eSymposium in an electronic format or as a hard print book.

**function under preparation, availability and price will be announced

CALL FOR PAPERS for the e-Symposium

No Deadline !*  It is Continuous.

* but knowing that “deadline is the best muse” the EPCI will review and update the e-Symposium content at the end of each quarter – so hurry up to submitt your papers by the end of the quarter !

Share your work with others. The presence in the e-Symposium is the best way to promote your technical skills and your company/institution technical capability.

you can use the online upload here to submit an article or send us email with link and authorisation to adopt existing technical articles on your website. Not to drop more work on your shoulders we will download and submit the paper to e-Symposium paper by ourselves.


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