A new Smart fabric Patent from Apple Surfaced this week in Europe for Smart Clothing and much more

source: Pattently Apple news Patently Apple posted a report titled “IDC’s Wearable Device Forecast sees Apple Dominating the All-Important Watch Category through to 2021.” In addition to the IDC report emphasizing that the Apple Watch would remain the leader in the Smart Watch segment of the market until 2021, they pointed to smart clothing as […]

Reversal of trend in world’s resistor market?

Source: Reiner W. Kuehl, Linked In Thick film SMD resistors are by far the mostly used components of this group worldwide. In contrast to thin film resistors they are made of precious metals (ruthenium, palladium, silver). In the last years high increases of precious metal price had fronted price pressure on the components by powerful […]

The self-healing characteristics of metallized film capacitors

Source: Capacitor Faks blog Metallized film capacitors are some of the most common capacitors in use in today’s electronic circuits. Power film capacitors are widely used in DC-link circuits, pulsed lasers, X-ray flashes, and phase shifters while low power film capacitors are commonly used for decoupling and filtering applications. The performance characteristics of film capacitors […]

Why and when you need non-magnetic capacitors

Source: Capacitor Faks blog The performance characteristics of capacitors are mainly determined by the materials used to construct them. One of the key characteristics to consider when selecting capacitors for medical applications is the magnetic properties of the materials used.

High Current SMD Power Inductor from Sumida

source: Sumida news Sumida has developed a SMD ferrite-type high current inductor CDB78D78C which can be used with a large current of 125A at maximum (inductance 100 nH). Since CDB78D78C is made with ferrite core, the properties and appearance are relatively stable (e.g. not likely to become rusty).

Vishay Industrial Potentiometer Membrane Displacement Sensors Offer High Durability and Repeatability for Harsh Environments

source: Vishay news MALVERN, Pa. — Dec. 14, 2017 — Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. (NYSE: VSH) today introduced new rectilinear and rotational industrial potentiometer membrane displacement sensors designed to deliver reliable performance in harsh environmental conditions. Waterproof and ultraflat, the Vishay MCB UIPMA and UIPMC provide high durability and repeatability for a wide range of applications.

Simple, precise, bi-directional current source using Rsense resistor

source: EDN article A bi-directional current source for a grounded load will always have some complication in its construction. The improved Howland Current Pump as shown in Figure 1 is the most frequent choice for this function. The Howland requires carefully matched resistors or resistor networks. Alternatively, you can use precision difference amplifiers although some […]