1st PCNS Passive Components Networking Days - September 2017, Brno, Czech Republic


September 12-15th 2017 Brno University of Technology BUT hosted the 1st international passive components networking days PCNS jointly organised by European Passive Components Institute EPCI and BUT. The selected PCNS papers can be find in e-Symposium section of this website here.

I think, even in today’s upcoming digital age, it is still very important for people to meet face to face. The 1st PCNS enabled multi-level interactive human communication opened space to own thinking, knowledge growth and innovative ideas. European passive components manufacturing, research and development has a long tradition, PCNS is follow it to become a global communication platform in the changing environment.said Tomáš Zedníček Ph.D. PCNS general chair and EPCI president.

PCNS, hosted by some European university, is intended to be organised as a bi-annual event complimentary to ESA SPCD symposiums the other year. The next 2nd PCNS will be organised in September 2019, location and host univeristy will be announced. 




    • 60 Registered Participants

    • 24 Papers

    • 13 Countries

    • 7 Component Types



based on 1/3rd returned feedback forms

items to improve / wish list

  • larger booth show
  • deeper scientific level of presentations
  • universities to present more R&D activities
  • too much space oriented, need wider industry
  • too dense seminars, extend to whole day lecture
  • prefer more controversal conversations
  • deeper structuralised topics - invite more speakers around one topic



  • new contacts, networking, speaker introduction, break discussions
  • great organisation, transport, time management, nice location
  • drinks and food just right, not wasting
  • agencies+industry+academia
  • diversity of participants ( space, automotive, medical, industry, etc.)
  • good panel discussion
  • nice people, friendly atmosphere
  • new products, university CEITEC tour
  • nice booth shows and demonstrations
  • templates and graphics