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Get the advantage of EPCI passive industry premium services and wide industry coverage to capture the industry experts or young candidates by sharing of your job offers. The job offers are also posted on main EPCI news page once entered and shared by the EPCI newsletter.

The Current Job Offers Can be Viewed HERE.


The price of advetisment:

gold sponsors:

free of charge (included in the sponsorship package)


  • one month placement:  360 EUR
  • 2nd month: 5% discount = 342 EUR (total: 702 EUR, saving 18 EUR)
  • 3rd month: 10% discount = 324 EUR (total: 1026 EUR, saving 52 EUR)
  • package of 3 job placements with 10% discount


In case of interest please write to our contact email: or contact us by an online contact form.

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