Mission and Goals

The EPCI Institute will become a premium resource of European passive components industry knowledge, prosperity, awareness and prestige growth.

Mission of the European Passive Components Institute

EPCI targets

EPCI target group

Potential Benefits:

End Users of Passive Components

  • ePassiveBook and e-Symposium knowledge base guidelines & verified information resource for Component Engineers, HW Engineers, FAEs, Reliability and Failure Analysis Engineers, Strategic Buyers etc
  • Industry database to search for new / alternative suppliers, test and failure analysis partners or university research programs

Organisations / Programs linked with regional manufacturing or research base:

  •    Looking for a new European / specific country’s located manufacturer / researcher
  •    Replacement of an obsolescence supplier by (other) European based manufacturer

Government Institutions:

  • Overview of the country’s industry manufacturers and potential contacts for government supported international co-operation

Industry and University Partnership:

  • Overview of potential partners for industry Offsets, Grants, Eu programs (Horizont 2020) etc. per   country of origin

Industry Experts / European Passive Component Manufacturers:

  • Potential contacts to a close-by / country’s experts for the passive components or a local distributor