Dipl.-Ing. Tomáš Zedníček Ph.D., Czech Republic08ef750


  • Electrotechnology Degree by Technical University of Brno,Czech Republic in 1993
  • Ph.D. in Tantalum Capacitors in 2000
  • > 21 years working for tantalum capacitor manufacturer
  • > 15 years in position of Worldwide Technical Marketing Manager
  • more than 60 technical papers and 1 US/international patent
  • 4 outstanding/best award technical papers at CARTS passive component conference
  • 2005 Dr. Zandman award for a great contribution to passive component industry
  • Lecturer of capacitor technologies, presentation skills and inter-culture communication
  • July 2015 – Founder of the European Passive Components Institute


External Co-Operators – Industry Experts


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Dominique Vignolo, France

  • DUT Genie Electrique option Electronique (IUT Nice, France) in 1977
  • Field Service Manager for 10 years
  • 22 years working for resistor manufacturer
  • 13 years in position of Worldwide Global Product Marketing Manager for High Precision Products
  • Technical papers about high precision products specially in high temperature and space applications
  • Manufacturers’ representative at ESA CTB Passive Component Technology Board for fife years
  • Marketing skills (launching of marketing operations, organization of exhibitions)



R.W. Kuehl, Vishay

Dipl.-Ing. Reiner W. Kühl, Germany


  • Dipl.-Ing. degree in Physics by University of Applied Science in Luebeck, Germany in 1973;
  • > 25 years product and process R&D, working for thin film resistor manufacturers;
  • 15 years in position of Technology and Quality-Customer-Service Senior Management;
  • More than 20 technical papers and 1 European / international patent;
  • 2 Outstanding Paper Awards at CARTS passive component conferences;
  • 2000 Highly Commended Award from the LITERATI Club of MCB University Press;
  • 2008 Dr. Felix Zandman Passive Electronic Components Industry Technology Award for Recognition of Acknowledged Industry Leadership & Perseverance of Vision;
  • Expertise in components’ reliability & failure analysis, thin film resistors’ technology (MELF, chip), barrel electroplating, electro-isolation lacquer, laser machining, etc.