Passive Industry Registration


to the EPCI passive component industry database:

Registration to the EPCI database is a form of the passive component entity promotion to the end-customer design-in decision making technical staff and EU/government/institutional company incentive support.

The aim of the EPCI database is to provide verified information about your company to potential clients, partners, agencies, government institutions etc. searching for a specific component sourced from EU countries or specific state / location).

Website attendance statistics:

visitor stat
During the first 6 month of EPCI website operation (10/15 – 03/16) there are typically more than 400 new website visitors monthly with 30% regular return rate. The number of visitors is currently growing in about 25% each month.

In addition, LinkedIn EPCI site articles are typically seen by 300 to 500 people (typical net reach people rate is about 400).



The visitor profile:

The estimated visitor entity share is 7% government/agency, 35% end customers, 45% passive component industry, 10% universities and 3% others.

visitor profile

example of typical usage:

  • customer searching for a specific passive components that he could not find on the market so far
  • customer is looking for specifically EU sourced parts:
    • high rel or unique parts typically with low volume, but high degree of add value/know-how/design flexibility
    • parts for a government initiated project with guaranteed geographic return requirements
    • new parts / obsolescent parts / automotive parts upgrade option etc for ESA European Space Agency programs (EU origin mandatory for ESA qualified parts)
  • finding partners in other EU countries for joint EC funded projects such as Horizon 2020
  • provide overview of component manufacturing, testing and evaluation capability (testhouses) and research project (universities) of the passive component industry to goverment, agencies, institutions representatives (use for strategic institutional support programs, statistics, international industry co-operation support offers etc)
  • company capability overview for end customers / integrators offering industry offset as incentive for local government tenders
  • contact database to create a communication link between manufacturers and university’s research programs for application oriented research, student practice, educational programs, selected students recruitments etc

The EPCI website target is to be useful and attractive for end customers (ePassiveBook with passive handbook, application guidelines, simulation and modelling topics …) –  EEE component engineers, quality & reliability engineers, HW designers, strategic buyers etc.



The EPCI manufacturers, testhouses and universities database has been created initially from public sources (non-registered companies). Our aim is to present data that are accurate and true, that is why the registration process is introduced. EPCI is trying to establish contact directly with the entities to verify information directly with them on regular basis. In order to solicitate the registration process there are some benefits of registered companies:

  • company’s web page with active link is shown directly in the database
  • on-click brief description of the company
  • database search is effective for registered companies only (i.g. non-registered companies are not shown in parameter search)
  • registered manufacturers and registered distributors are linked directly in the database
  • company’s news / press releases are regularly monitored and published at the Institute site free of charge.

online registration forms:

please note: registration is open only for companies with at least one manufacturing / testing site located in Europe, European universities and distributors of passive components operating in Europe .

or contact us using the contact form.