Czech Passive Components Community

Manufacturers, Instutions and Testhouses

EMC, film capacitors, filters, inductors, MICA capacitors, potentiometers, transformers

tantalum, ceramic, film capacitors

pressure sensors, ESA qualified space electronics hardware

electronic magazine and information portal

PTF, LTCC, packaging, etc. electronic materials supplier

independent testhouse

white alumina substrates with 96% AL2O3, thick film conductive, resistive and dielectric materials

European Passive Components Institute

SMD resistors, SMD sensors, and power resistors

LESIKAR SENSORS - sensors of speed, position, level and pressure

contactless magnetical sensing, measurement and regulation

RFID transponders

SCHOTT Group Home

hermetic electronic packaging

temperature and humidity sensors

thin and thick film technologies, resistors, chokes, temperature sensors

metal sputtering, vacuum electroplating


resistors, capacitors


The VII. Czech Community Workshop was held in Lanskroun on April 5-6th 2018. Below is link to a video from the event published by a local TV (in Czech language)

VII. Setkání výrobců pasivních součástek