Company FLASH News

Company Flash News presentation is bringing a potential to highlight the company’s key technical skills and advantages at the EPCI website. The entries / examples can be seen here. The Company Flash News link is also provided at the EPCI sidebar for clear visibility and easy access.

Company Flash News open up a space for passive component related entities to introduce their company and its products/services that everyone should be aware of. The entity is promoting its key messages by answering of two clear, simple and spot on questions below:


Q1: What is the technical advantage or innovation/service of the company that everyone should know about ?

Q2: What is the latest or hot product/service that worth everyone’s attention?


The Company Flash News entry is also promoted in a form of EPCI website post and shared by the EPCI newsletters.



The Company Flash News promotion can be ordered for a duration of 3, 9 or 12 month:


3 month: 180 EUR

9 month: 450 EUR

12 month: 630 EUR


please contact us to the email or by a contact form in case of interest