e-PassiveBook is an electronic form of a live Passive Components Handbook managed by the European Passive Components Institute

Our aim is to prepare and continuously update the e-PassiveBook with details on components construction, characteristics, reliability etc for use by the industry, end users, component engineers, high reliability & quality engineers as well as graduated students or anyone interested in the field of passive components.

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The initial core information of the e-PassiveBook is beeing transferred from the industry well-known “CLR Handbook” written by Mr. Per-Olof Fagerholt. This detailed technical handbook was issued already in 2002, nevertheless the majority of the general content is still valid and valued. European Passive Components Institute obtained the rights to use the CLR handbook from CTI, USA the copyright owner.


The original CLR Passive Components Handbook can be order directly from CTI at the link here.



The e-PassiveBook will be created in three steps:

STEP 1. digitalisation and editing of the CLR Passive Component Handbook into the website format

STEP 2. update the content to reflect the latest stage of the industry

STEP 3. expand the content to new components and technologies

Creation of the e-PassiveBook website tool is rather time and resource intensive activity, any sponsors that share its vision and would like to support this initiative are more then welcomed. Please let us know here. Acknowledgement to the sponsors will be displayed on the footnote of the pages.