Company Name Group company Size Type Registration Certifications Test types Tested components Application Location
Alter Technology Large testhouse ISO/IEC 17025 Electrical Characterisation, Electrical Characterisation capacitors, inductors, resistors aerospace, automotive, defence, medical
Api Technologies Large testhouse aerospace, industrial, telecom
ARC GmbH SME testhouse aerospace
ATN Spain Alter Large testhouse
BD SENSORS s.r.o. SME manufacturer ISO/IEC 17025 Calibration, Reliability & Endurance, Special Tests filters, pressure sensors aerospace, industrial
Ceitec Group of Brno Czech Universities Global university industrial
EGGO Space s.r.o. SME testhouse ISO/IEC 17025 Calibration, Electrical Characterisation, Electrical Characterisation, Electrical Characterisation, Industry Standards Evaluation Sequence, Mechanical Characterisation, Reliability & Endurance, Solderability capacitors, EMC, resistors, sensors aerospace, automotive, industrial
Hirex Engineering Alter Large testhouse
RHe microsystems SME testhouse aerospace
Serma SME testhouse aerospace, automotive, industrial, medical, telecom
Six Research Centre Technical University of Brno Large university industrial, telecom
TopRel Alter Large testhouse
Trad SME testhouse aerospace, defence, industrial
University of West Bohemia Regional Innovation Centre for Electrical Engineering (RICE) Large university ISO/IEC 17025, IPC-A-610, IPC-A-600 Electrical Characterisation, Mechanical Characterisation, Reliability & Endurance, Solderability capacitors, EMC, filters, inductors, resistors, sensors automotive, consumer, industrial, telecom
Vigilant Components SME testhouse
Vyskov SME testhouse aerospace, defence