Name Faculty Working group Registered Brief scopeComponentsApplication Location
Brno University of TechnologyFaculty of Electrical Engineering & CommunicationCzech Noise Research Laboratoryelectronic noise, charge carrier transport in electronic components and structures.capacitors, resistors, sensorsaerospace, automotive, medical
Brno University of TechnologyFaculty of Electrical Engineering & CommunicationDepartment of Physicsexperimental and theoretical research of passive sensorssensorsconsumer, industrial, medical
Brno University of TechnologyFaculty of Electrical Engineering & CommunicationDepartment of ElectrotechnologyResearch and testing of the electrochemical systems (batteries, photovoltaic, electrolytes, electrode systems)capacitors, sensorsindustrial
Frauenhofer Institute
Josef Stefan InstituteDepartment of Electronic Ceramics
Karslruhe UniversityElectron mictroscope laboratorium
Kocaeli UniversityElectrical EngineeringPower Electronic Research GroupPower electronic converters. Power electronics converters are nothing more than passive components and switches. The model of passive components play an important role on the converter dynamics.Extraction of exact converter dynamics needs exact model of passive parts. We try to find method for obtaining exact models considering nonlinear effects.capacitors, filters, inductors, resistorsautomotive, consumer, industrial
Masaryk UniversityDepartment of Physical Electronics
Newcastle UniversitySchool of Electrical Engineering
Politehnica University of BucharestElectronics, Telecommunication and Information TechnologyCenter for Technological Electronics and Interconnection Techniquesadvanced pressure sensors and transducers; sensors modelling; hybrid subsystems electromagnetic, electromechanical and thermal aspectscapacitors, inductors, resistors, sensorsaerospace, automotive, consumer, defence, industrial, telecom
Tampere University of TechnologyDepartment of Automation Science and Engineering
University of Bordeaux
University of West BohemiaFaculty of Electrical EngineeringDepartment of Technologies and MeasurementMaterials and technology for electronics, printed electronics, smart textiles, sensors, environmental effects, reliability, diagnostics and testing.capacitors, inductors, resistors, sensorsautomotive, consumer, industrial, telecom