Muzeum historickych soucastek compThis section is under preparation.

Our aim is to collect photoes and facts about the historical passive components, documentation and manufacturing equipment.

Some physical components and materials are already stored at EPCI in physical form, awaiting digitalisation and building a searchable database.

photo credit: HaS component museum

We acknowledge pictures, stories, documents etc. related to the history of passive components. If you are willing to share this with EPCI and publish on this website please kindly contact us on the email:


Passive Component History Ave Drive Story


I was driving today to a meeting with one local company, lead by 72 years passive components veteran man that spent all his life on passive component manufacturing and services. I was captured in a moment by a thought that I am the generation that has to fulfill a mission to bridge this generation with new digital age. They are the generation of the industry pioneers, not the early pioneers of basic inventions, but the hands-on engineers that had moved the garage production to mass volume … and based on my manufacturing experience It is the real hard job ! … yield, ppm failures, quality standards, high speed contacting …etc. Knowledge is not transferable, you learn mostly what you do … and that was the generation that did it … our generation was partially hit, but now sitting and swiming in information flood behind computer is not the way to get the “true experience”, I am afraid.   I wish we capture the knowledge somehow, use and conserve it for a moment and let it grow ….. that is why – here is the Institute project with its Museum pages.

see the pictures from “later pioneers” in gallery that I took back from this trip.

Tom Zedníček

gallery and featured picture credit: HaS component museum