MLCC Supply Remains Tight

Source: Paumanok Linked In

Denis Zogbi, Paumanok Inc. commented March 2018 MLCC leadtime trends.

“Almost every multilayered ceramic chip capacitor (MLCC) product line saw lead-time increases again in the March 2018 quarter, following a turbulent second half of 2017 where shortages in global ceramic + metal stacking technology continued to plague the global high-tech economy (see chart above). Please note that almost all MLCC case sizes saw another 15% to 20% increase in factory lead times in the month of March (on a month-to-month basis) with the ultra-small 0402 and 0805 parts (EIA designated case sizes in inches), as well as all the higher base metal CVG MLCC products saw jumps in lead times signifying higher than anticipated and creating even tighter supply constraints on a 30-day moving average.”


featured chart source: Paumanok Inc. Linked In profile

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