SRT-Microcéramique Introduces New Simulation Tool

SRT-Microcéramique, a French manufacturer on MLCCs ceramic capacitors, has developed a simulation tool “SRTSimTool” for engineers to get useful graphs and data for designs (Impedance curve, ESR, Temperature rise, phase curves etc.).

The simulation tool « SRTSimTool » allows users to explore the complete range of SRT-Microcéramique MLCC capacitors.

Based on real data as well as theoretical calculations, full graphics and information needed for proper designs are available:

Users can specify :

SRTSimTool Screen View; source: SRT-Microcéramique click for link to the tool webpage

The various curves and graphics will then adjust with the new data specified for the different parameters. This tool can even assist design capacitor stack by specifying the maximum allowable design height. SRTSimTool will also generate the part number corresponding to the chosen design, and will display mounting and termination guidelines.

The simulation tool is available on the company website, and it will keep being updated through time.

Please note : The values displayed are indicative and final design can only be achieved thanks to a conversation with company support engineers.

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