TDK publishes new Data Book for aluminum electrolytic capacitors

TDK Corporation presents the fully revised Data Book for aluminum electrolytic capacitors with screw terminal, snap-in, axial and single-ended design.

In addition to proven products the book also contains many innovations, such as the screw terminal types of the B43707* and B43727* series. These have rated voltages of 400 V DC or 450 V DC and cover a capacitance range from 1800 μF to 18,000 μF. The series is characterized by its high CV product and in dependence from the capacitance value due to its compact dimensions ranging from just 51.6 x 80.7 mm to 76.9 x 220.7 mm (D x H).

For the first time, the Data Book includes the hybrid polymer types. These are the first in the world to be manufactured in an axial design and they cover a voltage range from 25 V DC to 35 V DC at capacitances of up to 2200 μF. The great advantage of hybrid polymer technology is in its extremely low ESR values, enabling a very high ripple current capability to be achieved.

Furthermore, the new Data Book offers detailed technical descriptions. These provide development engineers with comprehensive and up-to-date reference work, offering effective support in the selection of the appropriate aluminum electrolytic capacitors.

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