Würth Elektronik Launches Reference Book on DC/DC Converters Design without EMC Surprises

Würth Elektronik launches another reference book for power supply engineers: “DC/DC Converter Handbook – SMPS topologies from an EMC point of view”.

The book by the authors – Andreas Nadler, Steffen Schulze, Raphael Specht and Markus Thoss – provides a compact overview of the most important DC/DC converter topologies: buck and boost converters, as well as SEPIC and flyback converters.

It contains examples of circuit layouts and tips for selecting storage chokes, capacitors and filter components, as well as for specifying and selecting the suitable components for each topology.

EMC interference sources are clearly itemized. Interference spectra are calculated for the four most common switching regulator topologies and the resulting filter design is presented in detail.

Würth Elektronik’s handbook offers straightforward assistance for DC/DC converter designs together with its REDEXPERT online simulation platform. Estimating conducted interference during the design phase helps prevent bad surprises in the EMC lab.

The book was unveiled at the prestigious power electronics conference APEC 2024 (IEEE Applied Power Electronics Conference and Exposition) in California at the end of February. It is now available in printed form and as an e-book.

Table of contents

  1. General Information
    1.1. Selection of the storage inductors
    1.1.1 Rated current
    1.1.2 Saturation current
    1.2. Core material
    1.3. Selection of suitable capacitors
    1.3.1 Ripple current
    1.3.2 Impedance
    1.3.3 Determining Interference current
    1.4. Input filters for DC/ DC converters
    1.4.1 Input stability criteria
    1.4.2 REDEXPERT – EMC Filter Designer
  2. Calculation of common topologies
    2.1. Buck topology
    2.1.1 Block diagram and general thoughts
    2.1.2 Layout considerations
    2.1.3 Example design
    2.2. Boost topology
    2.2.1 Block diagram and general thoughts
    2.2.2 Example design
    2.3. SEPIC topology
    2.3.1 Block diagram and general thoughts
    2.3.2 Example design
    2.4. Flyback topology
    2.4.1 Block diagram and general thoughts
    2.4.2 Example design
    3.1. Basic formulas of the topologies

Reference book “DC/DC Converter Handbook” (English):

The book can be ordered at www.we-online.com/dcdc-converter-handbook and costs € 14.89.

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