Aluminum Capacitor Demand to Stay Robust

Aluminum electrolyte capacitor demand will stay robust for applications ranging from notebooks, game consoles, servers to automotive electronics, and will continue to outpace supply in the second half of 2021, according to Taiwan industry sources.

Buoyed by strong demand, Taiwan-based aluminum capacitor suppliers including Lelon Electronics, Taiwan Chinsan Electronic, Kaimei Electronics and Apaq Technology all enjoyed over 25% revenue increases on year in the first five months of 2021.

Taiwan-based Liton Technology, which makes aluminum foils, has already raised its quotes by 3-5% to reflect rising raw materials costs and its tight supply, the sources indicated. Liton has utilized 100% of production capacity at its factory sites in Taiwan and China, with clear order visibility for the next three months.

The outlook for aluminum foil prices remains bullish, said the sources, who expressed optimism about the demand side.

Liton has reported revenue of NT$1.61 billion (US$58.1 million) for the first five months of 2021, up 27.9% on year.

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