Bourns Releases New Photovoltaic (gPV) Power Fuse Product Family

Bourns POWrFuse High-Power Fuse Product Line is pleased to debut the first two series of the POWrFuse™ High-Power Fuse product families, which are high power rating, industrial fuse links designed to UL 248 and IEC 60269 standards.

These new Photovoltaic Power Fuses are designed to meet UL 248-19 (PF-E and PF-H (gPV) Series) and IEC 60269-6 (PF-H (gPV) Series) requirements to protect solar photovoltaic power systems under extreme ambient temperatures, high-cycling and low-level fault current conditions.

These new model families are intended for use in a variety of photovoltaic power installations, industrial and Battery Management Systems applications.


  • Designed to UL 248-19 (PF-E and PF-H (gPV) Series) and IEC 60269-6 (PF-H (gPV) Series) photovoltaic fuse standards
  • Fast-acting protection under fault current
  • Low resistance and power loss
  • Up to 20 kA (PF-E) or 150 kA (PF-H (gPV)) interrupting rating
  • Operating temperature range: -55 to +125 °C
  • Ferrule and PCB mounting options
  • RoHS compliant and halogen free


  • Solar combiner boxes and inverters
  • Battery charge controllers
  • Solar string protectors
  • Power supplies
  • Desktop meters
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