CDE Releases Hybrid LIC Supercapacitors with High Energy Density, Low Self-Discharge Rate, and Ultra-Fast Charging

Cornell Dubilier CDE is releasing new hybrid LIC supercapacitors that deliver up to 220 Farads at 3.8 Volts. The VMF/VPF series of Hybrid LIC Supercapacitors offer greater energy density, low self-discharge rate, and ultra-fast charging.

They can be integrated as the sole energy storage source or in combination with batteries to optimize lifetime, run time, and cost.

Unlike batteries, our Hybrid LIC Supercapacitors do not degrade with each charge/discharge cycle and are inherently safer than batteries, with no risk of thermal runaway.  For applications requiring higher voltage or capacitance, CDE can design custom series-parallel banks of components, packaged into modules with the desired lead configuration.  Both series are fully RoHS compliant and UL recognized.


Applications Include:

IoT systems, mechanical actuators, smart meters, pulse battery pack alternatives, memory backup, UPS systems, emergency lighting, LED powered solar lighting, and energy harvesting from solar or wind power.

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