Coilcraft High Current Shielded Inductors | New Product Introduction Video

Coilcraft’s SER Family of high current power inductors are shielded power inductors with saturation current ratings up to 106A and are ideal for POL, VRM, VRD, and other high power applications. 

The SER Family has a flat-wire construction that provides exceptionally low ESR, with inductors available with ESR as low as 0.74mΩ. The inductors have surface mount terminations for compact designs, with a third pad available on select series that improves mounting stability and PCB adhesion. The SER family of inductors has footprints ranging from 8.8mm x 8.5mm to 27.94mm x 27.94mm. 

The SER2211 Series is the latest addition to the SER family. It’s offered with seven standard inductance values ranging from 3.0µH to 47µH. These inductors have saturation current ratings up to 27.5A and DCR as low as 1.5mΩ. 

They have a ferrite core that provides a flat current vs inductance characteristic, providing stable inductance across a wide range of operating conditions. They’re magnetically shielded to reduce EMI, and the SER2211 series inductors measure 22.5mm x 19.2mm x 10.5mm.   

Coilcraft’s SER family covers values from 200nH to 47µH with current ratings up to 106A. Many parts are qualified to AEC-Q200 grade 1 standards for use at up to 125°C in automotive and other high-temperature applications. 

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