Coilcraft Releases High Voltage Power Inductors for Automotive and Industrial Applications

Coilcraft releases a 800V high-voltage version of its popular power inductors RFC0807 series that extends its application range in wide range of industrial and automotive applications.

Coilcraft RFC0807BV Series power inductors are a high-voltage version of our RFC0807B Series. Their operating voltage is rated at 800 V, which is significantly higher than comparable products in the market. They offer a cost-effective solution for high-voltage, universal off-line (non-isolated) AC/DC power supplies in a variety of industrial and automotive applications. These applications include grid infrastructure, smart meters or power monitors, residential circuit breakers, building automation, home appliances, and others.

The RFC0807BV also features low DCR and high current capability, making it an ideal power inductor for high-current and high-voltage battery management systems.


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