Commercial vs. Hi-Rel Tantalum Capacitors in Space Applications

source: Kemet Electronics, EPCI e-Symposium


There are several grades of electronic components that depends on their long-term reliability and resistance to harsh environments, including commercial, automotive, high reliability COTS, and MIL. This paper describes the differences in qualification and testing requirements for different grades of Tantalum capacitors and how these differences affect the materials, processes, and cost involved in their manufacturing.  This paper also discusses evaluation techniques used by the end-users to compare different grades of Tantalum capacitors for space applications and how results of these evaluations depend on technology and specific parameters of the capacitors such as rated voltage and the related thickness of the dielectric.  The possibility of reducing the total cost of the end electronic solution by using the most reliable Tantalum capacitors manufactured with advanced technologies and screening techniques will also be under discussed. Particularly, this includes reducing the de-rating in comparison to the current standard and replacing of Wet Tantalum capacitors with Polymer hermetic seal (PHS) Tantalum capacitors. These changes provide significant reduction in size, weight, and number of the components in the end electronics.

Title: Commercial vs. Hi-Rel Tantalum Capacitors in Space Applications
Author(s): Y. Freeman, P. Lessner, and K. Tempel
Organisation(s): Kemet Electronics
Symposium: 1st PCNS Passive Components Networking Days, 12-15th Sep 2017, Brno, Czech Republic
Reference: paper 2.3. Hot Topic Commercial Components in Space Session., PCNS2017 Proceedings Pg.46-48
ISBN: 978-80-905 768-8-9
e-Sessions  Applications: Aerospace
e-Sessions Scope Components: Capacitors
e-Sessions Topics: Quality & Reliability

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