KOA Speer Expanding High Voltage Thick Film Chip Resistor for Automotive Applications

Source: KOA Speer Electronics news

KOA’s high voltage HV73-series has been expanded with the addition of the new HV73V-types for automotive applications.

The special inner material makes the part suitable for high voltages with improved temperature cycling stability compared to standard resistors. The higher critical resistance allows a higher voltage at higher resistance values. The special coating ensures that higher voltages can be applied at operating temperatures up to +155 °C.


KOA’s new high voltage type chip resistor HV73V-series for automotive applications achieves max. working voltages 2.5 times higher than general-purpose type chip resistors. This means fewer resistors are used in voltage detecting circuits saving PCB space. The HV73V is suitable for high reliability automotive applications.

Improved characteristics to withstand high voltages is achieved by using a special inner coating for the resistive element. Product is adapted to the automotive standard AEC-Q200

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