Modelithics COMPLETE Library v17.2 For Keysight Genesys: Adds 48 New Models From 17 Different Vendors

source: RF Global net news

Modelithics has released The COMPLETE Library v17.2 for Keysight Genesys, with 48 new models for passive and active components from 17 different vendors. The new models represent over 1500 individual components added to the extensive collection already available in the COMPLETE Library.

The latest release of the Modelithics COMPLETE Library for Keysight Genesys is now available. Many new models have been added to Version 17.2, including Microwave Global Models for capacitor families from Presidio, KEMET, Johanson, AVX, ATC, Murata, ST Microelectronics, Taiyo Yuden and TDK; Plus inductor families from Coilcraft, Würth Elektronik, Piconics, Chilisin (ferrite beads), TDK and Murata; And a resistor family from KOA. A new non-linear model is also available for a Skyworks Schottky diode. In addition to the scalable Microwave Global Models, several new S-parameter models have been added for Vanguard Electronics inductors and transformers, and Guerrilla RF low noise amplifiers. The new Guerrilla RF S-parameter models also include broadband noise prediction.

Modelithics Microwave Global Models are advanced equivalent circuit models that offer powerful features such as substrate scaling, part value scaling, pad scaling and orientation selectability. The models simulate accurate parasitics in a range of design environments, allowing for very accurate simulated-to-actual response and first pass design success. S-parameter models are single-substrate, fixed pad high frequency precision measurements for RF and microwave electronic components. They are formatted into convenient models that are available in the Part Selector from within Genesys.

A trial of the Modelithics Library for Keysight Genesys is available for request on the Modelithics website: For more information, visit

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