Murata Introducing 0603 size high impedance chip ferrite bead for power supplies

source: Murata news

Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has added the highest impedance of 1000Ω chip ferrite bead to its optimal 0603 size (1.6×0.8mm) large current lineup for noise suppression in power supply lines. The product started mass production in April 2017.
The introduction adds to the BLM18KG series of chip ferrite beads, formerly up to 600Ω, with a product that can support large currents of 1A at higher impedance of 1000Ω (at 100MHz). Four new products are being simultaneously introduced to expand the lineup, with a product for general consumer electronics, automotive infotainment, automotive powertrain safety applications, and for automotive use with guaranteed usage temperature of 150°C, which enables solder mounting.

Products BLM18KG102 series
BLM18KG102SN1 (For general consumer electronics)
BLM18KG102SZ1 (For automotive infotainment)
BLM18KG102SH1 (For automotive powertrain safety)
BLM18KG102BH1 (For automotive use at 150°C)

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