Panasonic Releases High Temperature Conductive Polymer Hybrid Aluminium Capacitors

Panasonic have introduced a surface-mount type ZF series of Conductive Polymer Hybrid Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors that is capable of operation up to 150°C for 1.000 hours

Being able to endure high temperatures of 150°C for up to 1.000 hours, the new capacitors benefit from a high withstand voltage of 25V to 63V and a low leakage current of (0.01 CV or 3µA). The nominal capacitance range is 33µF to 270µF.

The AEC-Q200 qualification of ZF series products ensures optimal quality and reliability and makes the parts ideal for demanding applications like AC/DC converters, DC link capacitor for servo motor inverter power supply in robotics, Actuator for Exhaust System, DC/DC converters in automotive transmission control units, DC link capacitor for motor inverter power supply in oil/water pumps or EPS units.


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