Premier Magnetics Replaces Discontinued Murata Line Filters

source: EPS news

by Premier Magnetics offers replacement components for more than 36 part numbers in the PLA10ANxxx and PLA10ASxxx EMIFIL series of AC line filters discontinued by Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

The expanded PMCU series of common mode line filters are a direct cross for Murata’s parts and are available from stock. Designed for switching power supply applications, the line filters are available in standard winding for higher efficiency and sectional winding for improved high-frequency performance.

The product lines discontinued by Murata include the PLA10, PLH10, PLY10 and PLY17 series of line filters. The last production date for the parts is November 30, 2017 with last shipments on December 29, 2017.

The updated PMCU devices are low-profile, vertical coil inductors with a wide operating temperature range from -40 deg C to 80 deg C. The isolation between windings is 2000 Vrms. The devices are offered with current ratings from 0.3 A to 2.0 A with rated voltage of 250 VAC, 50/60 Hz.  The devices are targeted at switch mode power supplies up to 300 W.


Pricing for the Premier Magnetics parts are expected to remain at current levels or below thanks to a new automated manufacturing process.

“Murata’s decision to discontinue these common mode line filters have left many manufacturers in a difficult position,” said Jim Earley, president of Premier Magnetics, in a statement. “We have responded by providing a complete series of compatible devices.”

Murata dropped the lines due to decreasing sales for the AC line filter products. The company transferred the product lines to Tokyo Parts Industrial CO., Ltd., which is said to have the leading share of the AC line filter market in Japan. The transfer is expected to be completed in January 2018. Tokyo Parts Industrial has not yet responded to questions about component availability.

The Japanese vendor’s parts are not being stocked and they do not have standard agency approvals, according to Premier Magnetics.

There may be limited or no supply in stock for specific Murata part numbers through the distribution channel. Some distributor websites report manufacturing delays for some part numbers, with factory lead times of up to 51 weeks.

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