Stackpole Releases 5W High Current SMD Power Shunt Resistors

The HCSM2818 high current shunt resistors from Stackpole offers a 5 watt continuous power rating to maximize power handling in a given PCB area. The 2818 case size provides superior power handling while minimizing its PCB footprint.

Modern electronics utilize current sense resistors for portable power management. As larger and more powerful devices become portable, higher currents and higher power ratings become critical, however, space for any portable electrical device must always be conserved.

The AEC compliant HCSM2818 offers 1% and 5% resistance tolerances in resistance values of 4, 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25milliohm. TCR ranges from 200 ppm for the 4 and 5 milliohm values to 75 ppm for the values 10 ppm and higher.

• 5W power rating in a small chip size 2818 size
• Excellent long-term stability
• 100% RoHS compliant and lead free without exemption
• Halogen free
• AEC-Q200 compliant
• REACH compliant

• Power modules
• Frequency converters
• Inverter control
• Power management
• Current sensor for power hybrid sources

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