Stackpole TR Series High Power in Small TO -220 or TO -247 Packages

source: Stackpole news

Stackpole is releasing high power resistors in TO packaging featuring low inductance and high power in miniature dimensions. The resistors are ideal to use with power IC heat sinks to maximise the power ratings.

Stackpole’s TR series offers power ratings of 20W to 50W for the TO-220 packages and 100W for the TO-247 packages. These non-inductive and RoHS compliant packages are ideal for use with power IC’s on heat sinks to help maintain the 25°C film temperature. The TR is available in tolerances as tight as 0.5% tolerance and TCR as low as 50 ppm. In addition, the TR has excellent environmental performance. This makes the TR ideal for a wide variety of applications such as radio and satellite communication, automotive and aviation controls, and industrial automation.

Pricing for the TR series ranges from $1.50 each to $5.40 each in full package quantities.

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