TDK Releases EMC Noise Suppression Filters for In-Vehicle PoC

TDK Corporation announces the launch of the MDF1005 series of noise suppression filters for in-vehicle PoC, used in applications such as ADAS circuits, BUS lines, telematics units, and more. Mass production will begin in December 2020.

The products in the MDF1005 series have good DC superimposition characteristics with impedance within the PoC high-frequency band, between 700 MHz and 2.4 GHz. The series is also optimal for the isolation of communication interfaces and noise control. Despite its small size, 1.0 millimeter long and 0.5 millimeter wide, the products in the series deliver 1000 ohms, or greater impedance with the rated current of 400 mA in environments reaching 125℃.

Using ferrite material with low loss within the high frequency band, the MDF series retains higher impedance at higher frequency when compared to general chip beads, and also controls impedance fluctuation during energization, meeting demands placed on PoC filters while demonstrating noise-controlling effects. The new filters are qualified in accordance with AEC-Q200.

TDK will continue working to expand the range of impedance to meet the noise control requirements of customers in various in-vehicle electronic devices.


Main applications

Main features and benefits

Main features

TypeImpedance [Ω] typ. at 100 MHzImpedance [Ω] typ. at 900 MHzDC resistance [Ω] typ.DC resistance [Ω] max.Rated current [mA] max.
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