Temperature Dependence of Leakage Current Degradation of Tantalum Capacitors at High Electric Field

source: Brno University of Technology CEITEC, AVX Czech Republic s.r.o., EPCI e-Symposium


Tantalum capacitors have been the preferred capacitor technology in long lifetime electronic devices thanks to the stability of its electric parameters and high reliability. However, long time application of elevated temperature and high electric field can result in capacitor leakage current increase in time. In this paper the effect of ions drift and diffusion at different temperatures on DCL degradation is analysed.

DCL vs. time characteristics at temperatures from 65degC to 155degC were studied in order to determine the parameters of leakage current ageing. Results for four technologies are presented and it is shown that capacitor technology has crucial impact on DCL vs. time characteristics.
These experiments are used to determine the background temperature at which DCL degradation starts with respect to the value of electric field. There exists background temperature under which the thermal excitation is not sufficient for give rise to the ions movement. This background temperature is higher than 105degC for technology IS4 while for technology IS3 this temperature is 65degC only.

Title: Temperature Dependence of Leakage Current Degradation of Tantalum Capacitors at High Electric Field

Author(s): (1) Vlasta Sedlakova, Josef Sikula, Martin Kuparowitz, (2) Jan Petrzilek
Organisation(s): (1) Brno University of Technology, CEITEC, Technicka 10, 616 00 Brno, Czech Republic
(2) AVX Czech Republic s.r.o., Dvorakova 328, 56301 Lanskroun, Czech Republic
Symposium: 1st PCNS Passive Components Networking Days, 12-15th Sep 2017, Brno, Czech Republic
Reference: paper 6.2.  Quality & Reliability Session., PCNS2017 Proceedings Pg.128-136
ISBN: 978-80-905 768-8-9
e-Sessions  Applications:
e-Sessions Scope Components: Capacitors
e-Sessions Topics: Quality & Reliability, Measurement & Test

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