Vacuum capacitors market and trends

source: SB wire article

Vacuum Capacitor are devices that uses high vacuum instead of air or any other insulating material, as dielectric medium. They are mostly used in boradcasting applications, however some new applications are on rise.

Vacuum capacitor is generally used in high voltage applications such as high powered broadcast transmitters, large antenna tuners and amateur radio RF amplifiers among others.

A Vacuum Capacitor is also used as the impedance variation part in an automatic matching network inflat panel displays and chip fabrication. Vacuum capacitor also finds application in automation industry and hazardous working environments.

Global Vacuum Capacitor market is segmented by type into Variable Vacuum Capacitor and Fixed Vacuum Capacitor. Variable Vacuum Capacitor allows variation in capacitance and used in several areas such as semiconductor manufacturing equipment and LCD panel manufacturing unit.

These are also used in industrial applications such as high frequency RF generators, industrial RF process applicators and antenna systems that operate at variable frequencies.In addition, by end user, the Vacuum Capacitor market is segmented into automotive industry, building automation industry, home appliances and medical industry,. Moreover, by application, the Vacuum Capacitor market is segmented into powertrain, exhaust, safety and control, telematics, anesthesia monitors, respirators and carbon oxideconcentrators.

Increased adoption coupled with awareness of smart televisions is one of the key factor driving the vacuum capacitor market globally. Rising need for cost-effective medical facilities in developing regions of Asia-Pacific coupled with technological advancements in medical industry are some of the important factor to drive the Vacuum Capacitor market.

Technology innovation along with enhanced manufacturing processes and embedded electronics is anticipated to drive the Vacuum Capacitor market. Rising consciousness of pollution free environment and safety requirements is driving the growth of Vacuum Capacitor market and is dominating the automotive industry. Vacuum capacitor acting as an effective substitute of costly and high range exhaust sensors such as Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) sensors is actually boosting the demand of Vacuum Capacitor market significantly.

Competitive advantage strategy such as product development, patent holdings and manufacturing process used by the key manufacturers are intensifying the competition among the existing players in the market. Key manufacturers are constantly investing in R&D to develop new products and identification of areas where vacuum capacitors can find its applications.

Increasing demand of Vacuum Capacitors for manufacturing various LCD displays and monitors are acting as a driving factor in the growth of Vacuum Capacitor market .Increasing concern for safe working environment by Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has increased the demand of Vacuum Capacitor market.

Reduction of carbon emissions and use of alternatives such as shale gas used for power generation is estimated to restrict the Vacuum Capacitor market from reaching its full potential. In addition, Vacuum capacitors used in RF or high current applications overheats and explodes and generates soft X-rays even during normal operation.

This in turn is acting as a restraining factor in the growth of Vacuum Capacitor market. Alternate methods for Vacuum Capacitor such as electrochemical/galvanic, infrared, catalytic and ultrasonic are in tandem with Vacuum Capacitor. As a part of their competitive advantage strategy, Key Manufacturers are continuously focusing on developing various specialized sensors based on various functionalities such as emission sensor and gas sensor among others.

By geography, the Vacuum Capacitor market has been segmented into various regions namely Asia-Pacific (APAC), Europe, North America and Middle East and Africa and South America.Asia-Pacific (APAC) leads the Global Vacuum Capacitor market followed by Europe and North America.

France and Germany are the leading contributor for the growth of Vacuum Capacitors in the European region. China and India are estimated to be the largest growing market in terms of revenue shares in Asia-Pacific (APAC) region during the forecast period. France, UK and Germany are the leading contributor in European region.

Various key players of Vacuum Capacitor market include COMET, GLVAC, Meidensha, Richardson Electronics, Omnicor and Highhope among others.

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