Wurth Electronics’ REDEXPERT Tool Launches Flyback Transformer Selector

Source: Wurth Electronics news

Waldenburg (Germany), 18 March 2019 – Wurth Electronics is pleased to announce the launch of their Flyback Transformer Selector in the newest release of their REDEXPERT tool. The integration of the Transformer Selector into REDEXPERT is a complete makeover of the original Smart Transformer Selector. This free tool is available in seven languages and requires no login.

More options are included in the REDEXPERT tool, including performance simulation, filter settings for over 20 electrical and mechanical parameters, direct access to product datasheets, and direct free sampling. The original transformer selector tool, The Smart Transformer Selector (STS), will be available until the end of the year, and then redirected to the REDEXPERT version.

Try REDEXPERT and calculate your losses in real-time at www.we-online.com/redexpert.

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