Würth Elektronik Adds More Power to its Power Over Ethernet transformers

Würth Elektronik expands its MID-POE Power over Ethernet transformer series to include PoE++.

These SMT transformers are suitable for Flyback or Active Clamp Forward power supplies that comply with the IEEE 802.3bt (four pair power over Ethernet, 4PPoE, also known as PoE++) standard. The ten new transformers can provide an output power of up to 95 W.

Demand for more power in Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) devices has risen due to the advancements in smart and IoT (Internet of Things) applications. In response to this demand, Würth Elektronik expanded its MID-POE series for IEEE 802.3bt Type 3 (60 W) and Type 4 (90 W) devices. These transformers utilize the low-profile EFD20 and EFD25 packages and offer high power densities over a wide range of common PoE output voltages.

The new series is suitable for devices such as video conferencing systems, automation control systems, smart IP cameras and much more. Customer-specific versions are possible on request. All MID-POE transformers are available from stock without a minimum order quantity.

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