Würth Elektronik Supports European Hyperloop Teams

A keynote by Alexander Gerfer, CTO at Würth Elektronik eiSos Group, on July 20 opened the first European Hyperloop Week Conference Week in Valencia. Alongside the Hyperloop Pod Competition, Würth Elektronik participated in numerous roundtable discussions with development teams and leaders from the Hyperloop scene throughout the week.

Hyperloop Week came to Europe for the first time this year. In 2014, the concept of the Hyperloop mobility was unveiled by Elon Musk and showcased at the SpaceX site in Los Angeles County, U.S.A. Four Hyperloop teams, HYPED from the University of Edinburgh, Swissloop ETH Zurich, Hyperloop UPV Valencia, and Delft Hyperloop, were the organizers behind the first European Hyperloop Week.

With the assistance of components and technical backing, Würth Elektronik has supported three of these teams for a long time. Another team recently joining is Centro Superior de Innovación y Desarollo CHF, Madrid. Würth Elektronik also supported the European Hyperloop Week as a Gold Partner.

“How to make your idea happen – even small challenges can become a show stopper for your idea. Learn how to make sure of your success,” states Alexander Gerfer, CTO at Würth Elektronik eiSos Group, as he began his keynote and opened the assembly dedicated to electronics and mechanics on July 20.

Partner for future technologies

“We invest in the development of future technologies, also as a partner of the first European Hyperloop Week. We have been supporting three teams for years by providing components, EMC tests and expertise. We want to encourage young talents and enable them to realize their ideas and make them ready for market,” says Gerfer.

Würth Elektronik participated in the roundtable discussions on “Future transportation in Spain” and “Problems facing future transportation / future of Hyperloop”. Jorge Victoria, Senior Product Manager EMC Shielding & Thermal Materials, Product Management at Würth Elektronik eiSos, in collaboration with the Fundación Cátedra, conducted EMC testing and analysis, containment, and heat loss reduction tests for the Hyperloop pods from the organizing teams in the joint laboratories at the Universidad Politècnica de València.

Competition and awards in various categories

On Saturday, July 24, 2021, 34 student teams from around the world competed for the best performance in various disciplines on specially built transport tracks at the Circuito Ricardo Tormo de Valencia racetrack. The overall winner with the best “pod” was Team Swissloop from ETH Zurich.

At the gala dinner at the end of the week, awards were presented in various categories. Würth Elektronik sponsored the award for best thermal management design. Jorge Victoria and Josep Balcells Orona, Country Manager Würth Elektronik Spain, presented this award to Team Swissloop from ETH Zurich. On Sunday, July 25, the public had the opportunity to look at the pods and find out more about Hyperloop. A team from Würth Elektronik was on site as a point of contact in the “La Marina” port zone in Valencia and answered questions from interested visitors.

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