Würth Elektronik Webinar: WE Backup Your Application – a real life Supercapacitor backup solution

If the power supply of the application breaks down, this is not a pleasant situation. Würth Elektronik eiSos built up a demonstration, which shows a hot swappable backup solution with a size of 10 cm x 18.5 cm (3.94 inch x 7.3 inch).

The input voltage is 24V and the backup output voltage is 12 V for a normal industrial power rail application. The available output power is 30 W (12 V @ 2.5 A).

We also talk about the classification of Supercapacitors, the model parameters and performance and of course the charge-, discharge and frequency behavior.

We have different tools to support your design-in process. For example the Support Note SN009, the Application Note ANP077 and currently we working on a Supercapacitor bank calculation tool. WE support you in your Design. For the power stage, we used the software for and from the LTC3351 from Analog Devices.

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