Camille Bauer – Current transformers offer compact design and simple installation

Source: Electropages news

Camille Bauer has introduced the SIRAX series of current transformers, on the principle of offering “everything from one source”.

To keep track of electrical energy consumption, the relevant currents have to be measured. This is normally done using current transformers, which convert the primary rated current into a usable and galvanically isolated secondary measurement current (5A or 1A). These currents can be captured accurately, visualised and further processed by these measurement devices.

Depending on the required nominal rates, the required accuracy class, the diameter of the conductor or the available installation space, the company has a very wide range of products available. All bushing-type or split-core current transformers are IEC 61869-2 compliant.

The bushing-type current transformers represent a highly accurate and yet cost-effective solution. They are clipped onto the primary conductor (current rail or cable) directly through the opening. The secondary side (usually a measurement device, an energy counter or display) is connected using the front and rear mounting clips.

Thanks to their compact design and simplicity of installation, split-core current transformers are particularly suited to confined spaces or those that are difficult to access. The halves of the core can be separated to make installation on a cable or mounting rail even easier. Anywhere where it is problematic to interrupt the current circuit, or when a trouble-free retrofit of a measurement device is required, split-core current transformers from the company are a good choice.

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