Circuit Protection Selection Guide 

Littelfuse created Circuit Protection Products Selection Guide to help quickly find a protection solution appropriate for your application.

This comprehensive guide provides a summary of key circuit protection considerations, descriptions of the circuit protection technologies, and product selection tables relevant to a variety of industries.

The guideline includes circuit protection technologies for overcurrent protection such as fuses, PPTC devices, battery mini-breakers, battery protectors, protection ICs, circuit breakers and overvoltage protections such as multilayer varistors (MLVs), multi-oxide varistors (MOVs), GDTs, PulseGuard ESD suppressors, PLED protectors, TVS diodes, protection thyristors.

It includes features such as product success stories and an application matrix, which allow you visualize where we can help solve design challenges for your specific project.

Circuit Protection Selection Guide; source: Littelfuse

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