Coilcraft Releases Power Line EMI Chokes in 16 Sizes/Configurations

source: Powerpulse, Coilcraft news

Coilcraft’s new Cx Family of surface-mount common-mode chokes includes 16 sizes/configurations for a broad range of power line circuits.

The chokes suppress high frequency common mode noise up to 100MHz and offer greater than 40dB common mode attenuation, making them well-suited for use in consumer electronics and industrial applications.

All Cx Family EMI chokes feature a low-profile, toroidal construction in a surface-mount, magnetically-shielded package with footprints as small as 13 x 13 mm.

These common-mode chokes are available with current ratings up to 10 Amps (Irms) and provide 1000/1500 Vrms isolation (hipot) between windings. They feature RoHS-compliant tin-silver-copper over tin over nickel over phos bronze terminations and withstand a maximum reflow temperature of 260°C.

As with all Coilcraft parts, free evaluation samples and complete technical specifications for the Cx Family are available online. Parts are available from stock.

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