Energous and CAP-XX to Develop Supercapacitor Based Battery-free IoT Devices

CAP-XX’s supercapacitors combined with Energous’ wireless power technology to enable maintenance-free supercapacitor based battery-free IoT devices that do not require battery replacement.

Energous Corporation, a leading developer of RF-based charging for wireless power networks, and CAP-XX Limited — the leading manufacturer of ultra-thin prismatic, cylindrical, and Lithium-Ion supercapacitors — today announced a partnership to develop solutions that combine Energous’ WattUp technology with CAP-XX’s high-performance supercapacitors. The companies are partnering to pave the way for battery free IoT devices powered by Energous’s wireless power technology and CAP-XX long life supercapacitors.

“One of the critical challenges hindering large-scale IoT deployment is the problem of constant battery replacement in each of those IoT devices,” said Cesar Johnston, CEO of Energous. “We are partnering with CAP-XX to eliminate battery replacements and reduce cost of maintenance, thus enabling IoT devices at scale.

CAP-XX is a leader in the design and manufacture of thin, flat supercapacitors used in portable and small-scale electronic devices. Its supercapacitors feature high power density and high energy storage capacity in a space-efficient prismatic package, essential in internet-connected devices deployed in space-constrained electronics applications. CAP-XX thinnest supercapacitor is 0.4mm thick, about half the thickness of a credit card. CAP-XX supercapacitors provide peak power support for pulsed loads, secure power back-up for mission critical applications, and battery-independent power storage while also reducing the weight, cost and size of batteries, component cost and number and environmental impact.

“The combination of our supercapacitors with Energous’ WattUp over-the-air wireless power technology will provide a much-needed solution to one of IoT’s main headaches: the need for constant battery replacement,” said Anthony Kongats, CEO at CAP-XX. “We are excited to work closely with Energous to develop a groundbreaking solution for the fast-growing ecosystem of IoT devices.”

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