EPCI Capacitor and Resistor Mounting Guidelines Survey

Source: EPCI

Mounting related induced failures are the number one reason (over 55%) for the field application capacitor failure causes. Thus, a careful evaluation of mounting guidelines and follow up in real assembly processes per the component manufacturers’ recommendations shall be considered as a critical characteristic. EPCI is pleased to introduce free online capacitor and resistor mounting guidelines survey based on publicly available information from capacitor and resistor component manufacturers.

EPCI is presenting the capacitor mounting guidelines survey under the Chapter M of its ABC of CLR, an on-line free access tutorial handbook that provides technical knowledge about basic principles, types, construction, characteristics, and applications on Capacitors, Inductors and Resistors.

The target of the survey is to collect the manufacturer’s recommendations and good tips for capacitors and resistor mounting BEYOND the industry standards. The survey doesn’t aim to provide a complete overview of mounting procedures as part of specific industrial requirement and standards.

The survey is available in a form of website post Chapter M of ABC of CLR website or in pdf white paper that can be downloaded here.

The EPCI Capacitors and Resistors Mounting Survey was prepared under European Space Agency ESA contract with European Passive Components Institute on passive components support.





Capacitor and Resistor Manufacturers Public Sources Included in the survey:

Capacitor Manufacturers:

Resistor Manufacturers:


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