Murata Releases New Version of its Femtet Simulation Tool

Femtet is all-in-one CAE software equipped with 3D solid modeler, pre-/post-processors and 8 types of solvers including tutorials and examples. Murata announced release of the latest version of Femtet, version 2019.

Femtet consists of the following blocks:

Modeling / Results Display

Electromagnetic Analysis

Magnetic Analysis

Electric Analysis

Stress Analysis

Thermal Analysis

Fluid Analysis

Piezoelectric Analysis

Acoustic Analysis

For advanced applications, Femtet also offers Macros to make calculation while changing dimensions, to give frequency dependency to materials, and to combine with other tools.

Femtet at a glance is described in more details here.

What’s New:

Analysis functionalities and GUI performance have been enhanced. 

Fluid :

Explore the Femtet capabilities with free-trial version. You have two choices. 

1) Free with Full Functions

2) Free with Limited Functions

Apply for the free version at

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