Panasonic Extends POSCAP Tantalum Polymer Capacitors with 125C Small Size and Low ESR Series

Panasonic extends its POSCAP brand of tantalum conductive polymer capacitors offer with TLE series that guarantee 2,000 hours at 125°C in compact B2 case housing and industry low ESR values.

POSCAP TLE series offers unique combination of high stability, low ESR, high ripple current in combination of small case size and extended reliability at 125°C.

“5G-readiness is – amongst others – a question of components being reliably heat tolerant”, says Shahrokh Kananizadeh, Product Manager from Panasonic Industry Europe. “The TLE series has proven to safely withstand 125°C for at least 2,000 hours. That renders it the capacitor of choice for next-gen processing units, connectivity applications or 5G infrastructure devices.”

Accelerators, base stations, servers and high-end processors require capacitors processing high loads in high-temperature environments – and coming in compact dimensions: The TLE series is as small as 3.5 x 2.8 x 1.9mm and thus even suits the power rail around GPUs and CPUs.

“Regarding all the core specs, the TLE series will definitely add a new level of excellence to our POSCAP family now”, summarizes Kananizadeh. “Especially in regards to the emerging importance of modern high performance applications.”


  • 125 ℃ 2000 h
  • Small size (L 3.5 × W 2.8 × H 1.9 mm)
  • RoHS compliance, Halogen free


  • 5G infrastructure devices
  • power rail around GPUs and CPUs
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