Paumanok Releases Passive Electronic Components: World Market Outlook: 2020-2025

Paumanok Publications, Inc. has announced the release of it most popular market report “Passive Electronic Components: World Market Outlook: 2020-2025 (ISBN# 1-893211-99-1-2020).

This report is designed for end-users of passive electronic components that update their supply chain information regarding capacitors, resistors and inductors on an annual basis. This report offers a granular look at the global and regional markets for 14 sub-types and 44 configurations of passive electronic component.

This report was designed with input from major purchasers of passive electronic components and in direct response to industry needs. This report forecasts global consumption volume, value and pricing for


  • Ceramic
  • Aluminum
  • Tantalum
  • DC Film and AC Film


  • Thick Film Chip
  • Network and Array
  • Nichrome Metal Film
  • Tin-Oxide
  • Wirewound
  • Thin Film
  • Carbon Film


  • Horizontal Wirewound Inductors
  • Wirewound Chip Coil inductors
  • ferrite beads and bead arrays
  • multilayered chip inductors
  • axial and radial leaded inductors
  • ferrite cores
  • thin film inductor chips.

All major vendors of Passive Components are discussed in this report, including

The report makes future price, value and volume forecasts for each passive component as well as a historical record of demand cycles over the past decade and forecasts the value, volume and pricing for 14 different passive components from FY 2020 to 2025. A current analysis of each end use market segment including wireless handsets, personal computers, television sets; consumer audio and video imaging; automotive electronics, large home appliances, power supplies, infrastructure, lighting, defense and medical end-use market segments are used to make tactical forecasts for FY 2020 and long term forecasts about each of the key passive electronic component product line to 2025.

The report also offers detailed market share data for each subset of the passive component industry including market shares in ceramic, tantalum, aluminum, DC film, AC Film Capacitors; Linear Resistors and Discrete Inductors.

This report was released in March 2020 and documents the impact of the pandemic on current regional economic conditions on the passive component industry and the end-markets into which capacitors, resistors and inductors are sold. Detailed forecasts for value, volume and pricing for each year until 2025. Now in its 33rd year of publication, this edition is 273 pages and includes 122 tables and graphs, Released March 25, 2020. ISBN # 1-893211-99-1 (2020). Our most popular report.

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