PCNS Passive Components Networking Days will offer CRL Seminars

source: EPCI, 20th March 2017.

Leading industry experts will lecture 3 parallel 4h seminars on Capacitors, Resistors and Inductors as a pre-event to the PCNS Passive Components Networking Days on 12th Sep 2017 in Brno, Czech Republic.



Capacitors, Resistors and Inductors’s technology basics, trends, benchmarking, applications and more will be presented as pre-event to the PCNS Symposium on 12th September in Brno. The seminars are dedicated to HW engineers, application engineers, strategic buyers, components engineers etc. that would like to learn about the key passive components. The seminars will run simultaneously, attendees will select the component of their interest.



Seminar Content:

The PCNS international Symposium, jointly organised by EPCI and Brno University of Technology is the European based technical conference dedicated to Passive Components. It is an exceptional venue to learn more about the latest advances in this field and meet recognized experts from industry, academia and agencies/organisations. Aim of the PCNS networking symposium is to promote the discussion of recent developments and trends and to encourage the exchange of technical expertise and information covering a broad range of EEE passive components.

see more details at: www.passive-components.eu/pcns

The Seminars are lectured by the following experienced lecturers:


Dipl.-Ing. Tomáš Zedníček Ph.D., Czech Republic


Dipl.-Ing. Reiner W. Kühl, Germany


Lorandt Fölkel M.Eng.

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